Q: Do you take custom orders?
Absolutely! I'm happy to work with you to create the perfect piece or tweak an existing piece more to your liking. If by some chance your request is something that's out of my scope or I don't feel that I can give you the high quality that is deserving of both yourself and GMBC Fet Club I'm not afraid to decline, either.

Q: I'm allergic to nickel, will this break me out?
No! 99.9% of the metals I use are made using stainless steel. Stainless steel is the ideal choice for anyone who suffers with metal allergies. Wondering about that 0.01% that isn’t steel? I ALWAYS point out potentially worrisome pieces out in my listings so that you never have to guess if it’s a safe choice for you. Please note that ALL of the padlocks I offer are nickel plated and are not suitable for anyone with allergies.

Q: Can I get this steel chain in a different color?
If it's steel, no, sorry! Though I can often replicate the design using an alternate metal such as anodized aluminum. Please be aware that there may be a price difference from the original item dependent on the material used and it's availability.

Q: Do you make nipple clamps?
I am currently working on some charms for tweezer style clamps & will list them as soon as I’m happy with them. However if you happen to already have shields or bars etc that have a spot to attach some chain to I would be happy to customize them for you.

Q: How long will it take to get my collar?
All of my collars are Made-to-Order. I keep each listing up to date with estimated completion times that reflect all current commitments/projects. The general rule is up to two weeks - though I always strive to have orders ready well before the estimates set.

Q: Can I wear my steel collar in the shower or swimming?
You bet! Stainless steel is the best in low maintenance jewelry. It's very resistant to the elements and should last you for years. I suggest using my signature "Vanilla Converter" included with your collar instead of the lock whenever swimming or showering to prolong the life of your lock.

Q: Do you make collars for men?
Of course! I've done several custom requests over the years. My listings are geared towards the female submissive but I can happily modify or create something special for that special guy.

Q: Can I get a matching leash?
Yes!  I have made a few leashes. Eventually when time permits they will become part of my regular stock.

Q: Will this turn my skin green??
No! 316L Steel is a very clean and easy to care for material. It would have to be very dirty to leave any residue but not caused by the chain itself. Soap & water. It's all you need.

Q: Why is my bail tarnishing?
Tarnish is a natural consequence for many metals. Aluminum & steel excluded, of course. If your bail is tarnishing you've probably purchased a pendent with a resin or Tibetan silver bail. For every “tarnish-able” bail I include a small polishing cloth that will remove the tarnish for you. I also often restore mine using a "dip" or liquid cleaner intended for sterling silver. Give it a dip and let it sit for about 5 seconds, remove it and lightly scrub the bail with your fingers, rinse well and dry with a soft cloth. Voila! It should look as good as new. (Don't worry the cleaner won't harm the steel and/or Swarovski crystals that are parts of some of my pendants.)

Q: I saw something in your shop but it's sold out, can I still get one?

Most likely! Sent me a "Convo" directly from my Etsy shop or email me at ringbyring2011@live.com to discuss the details.  I am always happy to help!

Q:  I've had chainmaille collars before that scratched my skin and were uncomfortable to wear 24-7.. are yours smooth?

You will find GMBC Fet Club collars very smooth & comfortable to wear.  I spend what some might call a ridiculous amount of time on each ring, working to achieve a beautiful closure that will not scratch your neck.  I use mini steel files to file away the tiny metal butts that are commonly found on steel jump rings and then tumble the finished piece for a minimum of 4 hours to get that final buff and polish.

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