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GMBC Fet Club is a successful Etsy shop serving the Fet Community since 2011. Owned and operated by Chainmaille artist Christy Brown.

Christy specializes in hand crafted steel collars and has expanded her skills over the years to incorporate interesting elements such as Swarovski crystals, stone and leather.  

A long career in the Hospitality industry from Airlines to Hotels have garnered her excellent customer service skills. A sense of client care that is too seldom found in today's  often hurried and hostile world.  

Enjoy a positive, personal experience with Christy at GMBC Fet Club today!

American Made Steel



Stainless Steel chainmaille collars are designed to last.   Owners who like to gift an affectionate tug on their submissive  won't have to worry  about stretching rings or a collar that will wear out after a few months.  Aluminum collars are often quite pretty.  They are very lightweight and there are many color combinations that make them popular.  Aluminum collars can be a truly beautiful decoration.    Steel collars, however ...... mean business.   

With my original "Vanilla Converter" all of my locking collars can easily be transformed into a collar that can be worn in the shower, at the beach or any other place that a lock & key is likely to be damaged or simply inconvenient.  

GMBC Fet Club's Locking Collars offer you the best of both worlds.  I look forward to creating one for especially for you..


Newington, CT, United States

Artist:  Christy Brown

Custom Requests Welcome

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